Wednesday, 20 June 2012

One Direction

We actually met all of the boys on June 2nd at their book signing at Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, Illinois. For some reason they decided to eat right when it was my turn to get my book signed so Sophie and I got to stand next to Harry for a LONG time. I'm talking like eight minutes or so. He asked us if we were alright a couple times and Zayne did the same. They were all really nice for the .3 seconds I spent with them haha. We then went to their concert that night and had 2nd row seats surprisingly and the boys waved at us during the show a lot (at least we like to think so). Then, on June 5th my friend Sydney who lives close to Rosemont heard that the boys were staying at the Intercontinental hotel in Rosemont (they stayed here back in February), so Sophie and I picked her up and drove out there. There were about 20-30 other girls at the hotel, some of whom had met the boys earlier when they were out and were hoping to get one last glimpse of them at the hotel. This was around 6 PM. With no sign of the boys by about 10:00 PM, we began walking around the hotel to see if maybe we could see them at another entrance, by this time there were maybe 8 girls left. Also by this time, my friend Annabelle had actually come to try and meet them and Sydney decided to go home. Annabelle had actually stayed in the hotel the previous night and got to meet Josh while in the hotel. Their entire floor (the 12th) was not allowed to be entered. We were just about to give up when a worker at the hotel told us the boys had gone to the movies, but we didn't really believe that so we decided to call it a night. Even though I made him swear on the bible, we still were a little skeptical.

On the way to the car we met two other girls, Allison and Alex who had also heard they went to the movies at Muvico which was about a 3 minute walk from the car. So, we figured we might as well check it out. The Allison, Alex, Sophie and Annabelle decided that I should go into the theater because I'm good at finding people (haha) so by process of elimination we decided that I should sneak into the Avengers movie. I bought a ticket to the Dictator, and stealthily slipped into the Avengers theater. There were about 20 teenaged girls on the opposite side of the theater obviously trying to find them, but they never came over. I sat towards the front of the theater because everyone else was in the back and I'm really awkward so I just sat away from everyone. My friend Sydney then sent me a picture of Niall with a fan that she found on tumblr IN MUVICO. So I figured might as well move closer because for all I know they could have left and I could be sitting there for nothing. So I moved a little closer and a boy wearing a gray hood slid further down into his seat. So I was like 85% sure it was them at that point. I get the boys' tweets sent to my phone and Niall kept tweeting about being in Mexico (maybe to throw us off?) while in the theater, so I assumed it was them because no one else would be on their phone in a movie (haha). The two girls we met in the parking lot, Allison and Alex also joined me in the theater as well. Sophie called me to figure out what exit she and Annabelle (my two friends) should go to, so I went in the hall to talk to her and thats where I first met Zayn. He simply said Hi, and went to the restroom. Paul soon after came out and told us the boys were on their day off and wouldn't be doing pictures. By this time, Sydney had returned with my friend Jade and her little sisters as well. So we waited until the movie was over and said hi to all of the boys (excluding Harry because he was at the hotel). It was about midnight so the theater was completely cleared out. Paul and Andy asked us to wait outside while Louis, Liam, and their friend went to the arcade. So we did what we were told and waited outside and Niall came out and began to talk to us! Before filming my friends little sister (the one I told to "use her cuteness") got a picture with Zayn and he talked to her for a bit.

I am new to all of the One Direction fandom so I'm not familiar with their personalities other than a few videos I've seen here and there so by judging Niall on that night, I would say he's a pretty odd character. But apparently that's normal for Niall (haha). I'm a pretty shy person so I didn't talk to him directly but my friends did and he seemed very nice. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and their friend (I still don't know who it was haha) were all very nice when they came out at the end of the video they all said bye to us, and that was it! I think we all stayed calm because for starters we're all either in college, or entering college this fall so I definitely think that played a large part in it. My friend told her littler sister(s) to not freak out because no one wants to have screaming girls in their face haha. Also, I think we can all agree that it's just weird when people freak out over band members. It's not praised and it certainly annoys them. I definitely appreciate Niall, and Zayn taking time out for us because their lives are truly demanding, and again, this was their night off. 

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