Sunday, 10 June 2012

One Direction

This wasn't the first time that I had seen them during their visit in Sweden, cause I had been there the days before. I think this was the third day in Sweden for the boys, and I saw them on both the first, second, third and fifth day :) But anyway. My friend had been outside the studio almost the whole day, and I was at my friends house which is not very far from the studio in Stockholm. So what happened was that my friend (who had been outside the studio almost the whole day) called me to let me know that there wasn't many fans left outside the studio and the police had removed the closures so the fans could stand on the sidewalk right outside the studio. It was about 30-40 fans, so me and my friend went there and we stood right in front of the door to the studio. We talked and fooled around with flashlights with Johnny (one of 1D's lifeguards) and had so much fun. Even Johnny laughed and enjoyed it because we were all kinda tired. Zayn went outside quickly because he was going to the courtyard behind the studio. He waved, smiled, and showed us that we needed to be quiet by pulling his finger to his lips. And we actually were very quiet. It actually felt kinda weird that everyone was THAT quiet you know.. but it was awesome. Later on, Zayn came back and went inside the studio again and 10 minutes later someone (probably Zayn) came running out of the door and started to dancing right in front of us! Me and my friends was so close, like if we would have put our arms out we could have touched him, but we didn't. Haha. Everyone just laughed and the other boys were filming the whole thing through the dooropening. Me and my friend are probably in their videos because we were standing right in front of the door. The boys laughed as well! It was great! ;) After 10 more minutes a few fans had left. Johnny left the door to the studio open a while and we could se right into the studio where Harry lay on the couch and played fifa, probably with Zayn. We heard them cheering every time someone won on fifa. It was hilarious. After about 10 more minutes Niall and Liam came out to say hi before they drove back to their hotel - as you can see in the video (it was about 11.40pm) and then Harry, Louis and Zayn came out to say hi before they left as well (it was about 12.00). We talked quickly to Zayn and we made eye contact more than once! They were just as sweet irl as they are in all the videos :D It was worth all the waiting!

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