Monday, 5 January 2015

Ariana Grande

My experience meeting Ariana was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.  So I am a NYC love and the night that I met her , she was performing on America's Got Talent.  We had tickets for AGT and then she performed, after AGT was over we went back to the garage where we parked our car to pick it up and drive home. Then my friend texted us saying to run back to the apt because she was having a meet and greet.  So we started running 5 blocks at 10:30 at night to the apt garage.  Once we got there we got in line with our friends and we were in the back of the line and there were a lot of people in front of us to meet her.  My dad and mom walk down into the garage and joan was standing there and recognized my dad (because we met at the Digifest and we were talking to joan for awhile there). So joan said "hey where are your girls?standing there and recognized my dad  (Meaning me and my sister) and my dad said waiting in line up there.  Joan said "bring your girls down" .  She is literally so sweet. So
me and my sister went down, joan says "are you ready to take selfies with Ariana?" Me and my sister were totally shocked and couldn't speak. We turned the corner and we see Ariana.  She was literally the sweetest human being. Me and my sister start balling. She comes over and gives my sister and hug and then me a hug and then she said "your so cute!" to me.  I couldn't even speak.  Then she said "don't cry, wait until after the picture" she takes my phone and takes selfies. She is so cute. Jones her photographer was taking videos of us while we were with Ariana to put
in the Fahlo video.  Ugh that was literally the best day of my entire life.  I will never as long as I live forget that day. Sparkling heart



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