Sunday, 12 August 2012

Taylor Swift

There was this competition done by a New Zealand magazine called Creme to met Taylor Swift, and after spending around 10 hours on my entry I was the lucky person who won. The story of finding out is rather entertaining. On the 20th of Feburary I walked out of one of my classes with 4 missed calls from the same number and I was like lol okay. Then I tried calling them back but it didn't work and my sister texted me and it said 'Mum told me your news you must be freaking out' and I was so confused then my friends and I were like this is so odd. Then Mum texted me saying 'Have you gotten a phone call?' Then both of them wouldn't tell me so I had an anxious and annoying last period wondering what was going on. Then on the bus ride home (The bus was completely full) I heard my ringtone so I answered my phone and the conversation went like this.

Emma: Hey is this Beatrice?
Me: Yeah
Emma: Oh hi! This is Emma from Creme magazine, did you enter our Taylor Swift competition.
Me: Yeah ~And I was like grabbing my friends arm who was next to me~
Emma: Well we are calling you to tell you that you're our winner.
Me: ~Screamed as loud as I could and everyone on the bus looks at me then I start crying and shaking~ 

And finally the day came! I ate hardly anything during the day because I was too excited to eat. After a 2 hour drive to Auckland and a few hours shopping my mum and I made our way down to the arena and picked up our passes. I was freaking out as the time neared closer and had to keep myself from crying. When it was time to let us into Vector Arena and we went up to a door and after waiting like 1/2 an hour they lead us backstage and into the T-Party room which was BEAUTIFUL. We were about 5th from the front and the second everyone heard Taylor speaking it went silent. And finally we were at the front, I kept having to fan my face to stop crying and the butterflies were going crazy in my stomach, and we were talking to Taylors security guard who was REALLY nice. He opened the curtain and said I could go in. I walked in and saw her, she was so flawless and gorgeous and certainly as nice as what everyone says. We walked up to each other and I gave her a present and all I was managing to say was OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE SO AMAZING I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS YOU. She said ‘you're so beautiful' then hugged me, and after the hug she said ‘You have such gorgeous eyes they are like an ocean bluey green” I was freaking out so much! Then we got our photo, and as it was being taken a tear was running down my cheek and straight after I pretty much burst out crying and Taylor hugged me again and said I was so sweet and then I had to leave which was sad. I don’t care that it was short because it was really all I could of asked for, and the concert was AMAZING and we had such good seats. So yeah thats really my story (: 

Beatrice (: 


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