Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ed Sheeran

One of my local radio stations had a contest on twitter for people to meet Ed/watch a private show, and my friends and I all really wanted to win, cause we'd loved him for a while at this point. There were I think 20 winners, but none of us ended up being one of them. We were all pretty bummed, but when the day of the actual concert came around, I was determined that I was gonna meet Ed Sheeran. I didn't care if I didn't win or not, it was gonna happen. One of my really great friends, Amy, decided that she was going to do the same! We adopted the YOLO mindset for real that day, and drove all the way out to the studio, which is about 50 ish minutes from where we live. So we left school, luckily we get out early, or we would have had to skip ( :) ). We drove out to the stdio, and then we were kinda stumped. What's next? We saw a big black Chevy, and decided that tit was probably his car. But then, I felt like maybe I should walk around to the front, and when I did, I saw a big black Ford excursion, so I was like...hmmm... maybe this is his car. So I called Amy while I was walking around the car, and I saw that there were bags in the back, and Ed was supposed to go straight to DFW after that to go home. So I was like, YUP this is it. She was about to run around the front, but then someone came out and started to put something in the car. She saw that it was a guitar case, and I started freaking out and ran back around to the back as fast as I could. Ed wasn't out yet, but Amy saw some guy in a hot pink shirt who was smoking and pointed him out to me. She told me to go talk to him, but I was like NO! He's probably mean. But then we peeked around this bush we were behind (This sounds much creepier than it actually was. the bushes were like 7 feet tall and we weren't really trying to hide, we were just sort of hidden by the bushes.) And We saw bright red hair. At this point, I was so overwhelmed by the fact that ED FREAKING SHEERAN was like 5 feet away from me that I literally fell on the ground, I just kinda sat there for a minute. Then They started packing up the car, so I got up, and we walked over to them. Amy urged me to say something, so I was like..." Hi?" THey both turned around, and Ed was smiling and he was perfect in every way. He goes, "Hey love!" And Amy told him that she had driven on the highway fro the first time just to come see him, and not to worry cause we didn't skip school to come see him. He was smiling the whole time, and I told him how upset we were that we didn't win the tickets, but we decided we should just come anyway. (Keep in mind I'm literally shaking this whole time and honestly dying on the inside.) And he goes "Well, I'm glad you girls came out any way! Sorry you didn't get those tickets," Then we asked for pictures, and when I took mine with him, I was shaking, so he gave me this like side hug thingy, and then he did it again after the picture. It was amazing. So i secondhand smoked with Ed Sheeran, and got to meet my Ginger Jesus and it was amazing. 


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