Saturday, 4 August 2012


I was going to the concert on April 1st which was a Sunday and i really wanted to meet them but i had never had the chance because i always had school but then when i found out the concert was on a Sunday i said to my friends we are going to meet JLS... It was April 1st i woke up at 7am and set off to the newcastle arena at 9am we got there and we were right at the front so we were hoping to meet them! Hours and hours kept passing by and i started to feel really sick but i wanted to meet JLS so I sat for 12hours I did not think for  one second they would come over to everyone! Then their tour bus went passed everyone and they pulled up near us then Oritse stepped out and waved and Marvin got off the bus too and they both came over too everyone! When Oritse got to me I just broke down in tears he held my hand for about 5minutes then I asked him if he could sign my hoodie so he did and then I got a picture with him! Then I seen Marvin walking up to me i just kept crying and couldn't speak then said to Marvin please sign my hoodie and can I have a picture he said of course you can babe! Then i seen JB and Aston get off the bus I screamed so loud Marvin started to laugh at me  then Aston walked over I said Aston I love you so much and he said love you too babe and then signed my hoodie and got a picture with him  then JB came over and asked how I was and I got a picture and my hoodie signed by him! iIt was definitely worth the wait they were the most nicest people ever and were so genuine they also smelt amazing! Even though security tried to pull Aston away he still got a picture! Then I said to my friends come to the other gates so we did and we got to see Aston rehearsing for the concert!! It was the best day of my life.


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