Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Hi, my name is Miriam and I have met JLS 3 times in total but the best time, by far, was on 20th July 2011. 
A family member contacted me and said that JLS were filming an interview for a chat show in London for Lee Macks All Star Cast. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and did some research to see where abouts in London it was going to be filmed. Once I found out it was at Pinewood Studios, I rushed to my Dad to try and persuade him to take me. Of course I thought he would say no but to my suprise he seemed quite happy to take me and 2 of my closest friends. Whislt doing the research into where it was being filmed, I found out that it was the next day so I was so lucky to find out when I did or otherwise it would have been too late! I don't live too far away from london (about a 1 hour journey) which is lucky so we were able to get there. 
I had no idea what time they would be leaving the venue or even if they would stop to talk to me so it was all a bit of a risk. I got there at about 7.30pm and to my suprise we were the only ones there which was lucky! We waited in the main reception and got chatting to the security guard who very kindly tipped off JLS' drivers about us and told them that we had been waiting a good few hours to see them and we would love to have a quick chat with them and a picture before they left to head home. It felt like we had been waiting a lifetime for them to appear but at around 11pm I saw the 4 cars emerge and I suddenly got very excited and extremely nervous. Loads of thoughts were rushing through my main thought being if they would remember me from the week before as I had travelled up to London on 13th July 2011 to meet them outside The London Studios after they had filmed Alan Carr: Chatty Man. 
I ran as fast as I could over to the 4 cars and when I saw them stop completely I felt my heart racing as I knew they had listened to the security gaurd and stopped especially for me which made me feel very special. I only had one goal in my mind at this point and that was to get to them straight away, but when I was running I had to run across a round-a-bout and nearly got run over because I wasn't looking where I was going! I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached the cars and firstly I saw JB. I squealed with excitement and constanlty told him I loved him before letting his car drive off. Marvin was in the second car and he is my favourite member of the group so I spent the most time chatting to him. He was so down to earth and even though I could see he was extremely tired, he still stayed and happily chatted to me. That proved to me that JLS really do care about their fans and even if it was only a few people outside a venue waiting to see them, they would still stop and say hello instead of leaving. I gave him a poem I had written for him with my twitter name on the back with the hope he would send me a DM, tweet or even follow me. Then I had a picture with him and you can see that I am just about to cry with happiness, and to my suprise he remembered me from the week before which was a bonus for me and definitley made the tears start falling. The next car had Oritsé in and I managed to get his autograph. His driver was going to drive off but Oritsé told him not to as he could see me and he wanted to say hi. The door was open slightly and I saw him fall on the floor of the car when his driver came to a hault from stopping! I tried not to laugh but it was so funny I couldn't help it! It soon became a joke that we both laughed at and then he kindly signed my special JLS book. The next car, of course, had everyone's favourite backflipping cutie Aston in. By now, a crowd of about 5 girls had emerged who were part of the audience so it was harder to have a full conversation with Aston. But I managed to get his autograph before his car drove off. 
The next day, I logged onto my twitter and I had completely forgotten that I had written my twitter name on the back of the poem! I was just checking through everything and casually looked at my DM's and I suddenly saw I had 2 messages from @JLSOfficial! I was over the moon and before I had even read them I rang up my mum and burst into tears over the phone! The messages read: 'Hi Miriam..thank u so much 4my poem,it's lovely& I will treasure it 4ever! Thank u for seeing us 2nite! Hope to cu soon..luv u loads..Marv x' and 'Oh and btw you have an amazing kind of him to bring u 2c us so late..make sure u always look after him..get home safe babe..Marv x'. I was so happy that he had taken the time to read my poem and actually send me a personal message! It made me the happiest girl alive and still does every single time I read them!
From the time I had with JLS, they all seem like such nice, genuine, down to earth people and that definitley came across through their attitude they have towards their fans. They always try to make time for every single one of us and they really do love us millions. My one wish is that every JLS'ter can have an experience like mine to be able to meet the boys and have a personal moment with them that they can treasure forever! I feel so lucky to have met them because I used to be so upset when I heard other people's amazing stories as I wanted that to happen to me! If you are patient, it will happen when you least expect it.
If you want to see the picture I had with Marvin, you can follow me on twitter @MimLovesJLS. I am happy to follow people back, all you need to do is tweet me and ask :) I am also very happy to answer questions people may have too! 

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